Spring is Springing! I just came inside and WOW!! It is nice out! Yes, I realize when you get this, it could be rainy(hopefully not snowy), but the cooler days are just about over. I love Spring, it’s a reminder of a fresh new start… a reminder that summer is near.

For many across the country, it is COLD, gray, and snowy! One thing we know for sure, winter will come to an end. It does every year.

Just like the winter season comes and goes, so do the seasons in life. As I get older, however, it seems as the seasons come and go at a more rapid pace, just as time does. Some of life’s seasons will be HOT, yet others will be COLD, some high and some low, some great and some sorrowful. The cold, the low, the sorrowful, we’d like these to move by quickly, however, these are generally the seasons in which I find that I grow the most. The hard times are generally the times when we reevaluate and innovate, we look at things in different ways, we learn and therefore we grow. All seasons in life make up who we are, the good the bad, and the ugly, all play a tremendous role in shaping us into who we are and will become. We get to decide how we respond.

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This year we would love to give more!

UNFORTUNATELY for some, it seems Spring (the promise of new life) never is coming, it seems winter is here to stay. Not far from my office is a Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida, has a full house of parents/families whose child is fighting for their life because of one of a myriad of medical issues in a hospital next door. For these families, Spring may be the furthest thing from their minds, sure they would love for their child to be outside riding a bike or playing in a pickup ball game or just playing outside, but for now, they are praying for healing and recovery of their child; that this would be a season of healing and of a new beginning.

We are on a mission to exceed last year’s goal of $10,000 for the RMHCCF, but we need your help. Do you know of anyone who is looking to purchase a home or wanting to sell theirs or both? We would love to service their real estate needs and in turn help the RMHCCF. For every transaction, I make, a portion of that goes to help the RMHCCF.

A Real Estate Company that Gives Back!

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida is Making a Difference Today and for Tomorrow. Most don’t know though that Children’s is a non-profit, so they depend on sponsorships and donations to provide their world-class care and keep costs for families of these beautiful kids to a minimum. So, when you or anyone you know does business with us, not only do we deliver on our award-winning service, but you can also rest assured a very worthy cause benefits as well.

And as a leading non for profit, home away from home in our area, you probably know they need sponsorships and donations to continue their leading-edge care and keep family expenses to a minimum. We are committed to donating a portion of our income from home sales to this very worthy cause.


Providing a home and meals for their families as they battle illnesses while in the hospital. Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to my real estate sales team? Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, but the families at the RMHCCF will benefit as well. Just give me a call or pass my number on to anyone you know considering buying or selling.
My number is 407-566-2555.

Please join me in celebrating the love of this beautiful country. I hope my newsletter this month inspires you to
pursue happiness and join us in helping others do that as well.